Nose Reshaping (non-surgical)

Non-surgical nose reshaping is the new alternative to nasal surgery (rhinoplasty). The procedure consists of injecting an hyaluronic acid filler into particular areas around the nose to allow subtle changes to the shape without invasive surgery.

If you are currently unhappy about the shape of your nose this procedure can be used to smooth the appearance of bumps on the bridge of the nose or plump out areas of depressions which could be natural or due to an accident. Lifting the angle of the tip of the nose can also be carried out to give an upturned appearance.

Please be aware that non surgical nose reshaping can not reduce the size of the nose. It is a cosmetic procedure and is not used to correct functional problems with the nose, such as breathing difficulties.

The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and prior to the treatment a local anesthetic cream is applied for 20 minutes. The procedure is quick with minimal discomfort and no downtime and the results can be seen immediately. The effects can last up to one year.


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Nose Reshaping (non surgical)
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Home Visits:

At Skin Made Perfect we understand that some individuals would prefer to have treatments done in the comfort and privacy of their own home and if possible we will try to accommodate this. Please be aware that an additional £25 will be charged for home visits.


  • At Skin Made Perfect we offer a way to reshape your nose without invasive surgery. This procedure is performed in our clinic with no ‘recovery time’.

  • This procedure is ideal for a person looking to improve their aesthetic appearance of their nose without wanting to undergo the risks of a surgical procedure. For example smoothing the appearance of bumps on the bridge of the nose, or plumping out areas of depressions, all can be done as a ‘non surgical’ procedure.

  • The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes to carry out, however a numbing cream will be applied to the nose 20 minutes prior to treatment. Following the procedure, patients can resume their normal activities.