Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Re-shaping)

Did you know we are able to reshape the nose without putting a knife to it? Non surgical nose re-shaping is a new alternative to surgical rhinoplasty. The procedure involves small injections of hyaluronic acid dermal filler into specific areas of the nose, allowing subtle changes to the shape. This treatment can be done within 15 minutes. The procedure is fast, painless and with no downtime, and the results are seen immediately.

If you are currently unhappy about the shape of your nose this procedure can be used to smooth the appearance of bumps on the bridge of the nose or plump out areas of depressions which could be natural or due to an accident. Lifting the angle of the tip of the nose can also be carried out to give an upturned appearance.

The photo below demonstrates a client with a nasal hump (top photo) and following the non surgical rhinoplasty you can see this hump has disappeared (bottom photo) and the side profile of the nose has been softened.

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