Dermal Filler Treatments

  • There are a number of factors which contribute to the signs of aging. Hormonal body changes, sun exposure, our diet, smoking and time itself are the main factors that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Over time our skin becomes fragile as it thins and loses its elasticity. This is caused by the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid present naturally in our skin. In addition, the skin also loses fat stored beneath it, particularly in the cheek and jowl areas. As we age, loss of fat in these areas of the face creates a drooping effect. This gives the effect of the face looking less plump and skin loses its youthful appearance.

  • Dermal fillers are clear gels consisting of hyaluronic acid. This substance is naturally found within our own skin. The gels are made up of millions of tiny bubbles that bind to water when injected, thus smoothing out wrinkles and folds and imparting lift and new firmness to the skin.

    You may have heard of collagen or silicon fillers? These are the older generation fillers which have gone out of fashion due to their permanent, irreversible effects, as well as the much higher risk of allergic reactions. Dr Camilla does not use silicon or collagen fillers and all dermal fillers treatments offered are fully reversible over time.

  • Yes, hyaluronic acid fillers are appropriate for all skin types as they are colourless gels injected under the skin and should not be visible.

  • Hyaluronic acid fillers are fully reversible and last on average 6-12 months depending on the area treated. Furthermore, the results are instant and improve over time. Being made of a naturally occurring substance present in out body means the risk of allergy is minimal.

  • Initially there may be some redness and swelling of the treated area which may last 2 or 3 hours. A small bruise may last a few days but can be concealed with make-up 6 hours after treatment.

    The lips are particularly sensitive and swelling as a result of enhancement with dermal fillers can last several days. Therefore the effect immediately following treatment should not be viewed as indicative of the final result. Clients are advised to undergo lip enhancement when they have no important social or business functions in the few days post treatment.

  • Many clients compare the sensation to a pin prick. Dr Camilla will always offer a local numbing cream (Emla) prior to the treatment to make it as comfortable as possible. The cream takes approximately 20 minutes to become effective so please take this into consideration.

  • Procedures offered include:-

    Nasolabial fillers- to smooth away the smile lines that extend from the corners of the nose to the mouth

    Forehead/glabellar fillers- these lines are most commonly treated with Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) injections, but the appearance of very deep wrinkles can be improved by also using dermal fillers

    Marionette/ oral commissures fillers- to smooth the lines that develop from the corner of the mouth to the chin

    Lip fillers- to create subtle definition of the lip borders, a delicate pout or to provide extra volume

    Cheek fillers- are deposited in the area beneath the cheekbones to restore volume in the mid face areas

    Chin Augmentation- improving the size and shape of the chin

    Non – surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) – this is an advanced procedure used to improve the profile of the nose and to create the effect of a full surgical rhinoplasty or nose job.